Partial repayment of provident fund loans in advance (loans accepted before August 1, 2020)

1. Application conditions:

1. The borrower has completed one year from the date of disbursement of the provident fund loan;

2. The amount returned each time in advance shall not be less than 6 times the amount payable in the previous period;

3. Other conditions stipulated by the Municipal Provident Fund Management Committee or the Municipal Provident Fund Center.

2. Place of application:

The original loan bank branch.

3. application requirements:

1. Identity certificate: the original ID of the borrower. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents provide the original travel permit for Hong Kong, Macao residents, Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan residents, or residence permit for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents; original passports for foreigners and those who have obtained permanent (long-term) residence abroad; Hong Kong, Macao, and foreigners need to provide domestic contact information (Name, ID number and contact information) and ID documents.

2. In the case of entrusting others to handle it, the trustee shall be the spouse or direct blood relative of the borrower, and shall provide the original IDs of the borrower and the trustee, power of attorney and proof of relationship. If the borrower entrusts the spouse to do the application, the original and photocopy of the marriage certificate shall be provided. For persons from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who have not registered their marriage in the Mainland, the marriage certificate notarized by the notary office in the place of residence (Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan) shall be provided. People can provide Taiwan ID card (see family member details on the back). If a marriage is registered abroad, the original and photocopy of the marriage certificate issued by the country’s notary office or competent authority and certified by the embassy (consulate) of the People’s Republic of China in that country or the country’s embassy (consulate) in China should be provided. If it is a foreign language version, the original and photocopy of the translation issued by a formal translation agency shall be provided.

3. Proof of the loan account number, including but not limited to: loan contract, statement of account, repayment plan, etc.

4. Repayment card.

5. Other materials required by the Municipal Provident Fund Center.

4. People present:

The Borrower.

5. Handling process:

Make an appointment-the lending bank will reply after 7 working days, agreeing on a specific processing time-processing at the agreed time.

6. Processing time limit:

It is processed at the time agreed by the bank.