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Official Launching of HPF-Supported Public Rental Housing at Shanghai Estate¡¯s Xin Yue Apartment Complex

A briefing and promotion meeting was convened on May 14 for official launching of the public rental housing Xin Yue Apartment Complex of Shanghai Real Estate, one of the security housing project supported by housing provident fund loans. Present at the meeting were leaders from the municipal Housing Security and Housing Administration Bureau, Putuo District government, the municipal Real Estate Group and the municipal Provident Fund Management Center.


Xin Yue Apartment Complex, located between the inner and outer rings downtown in Putuo District, was one of the security housing construction projects of the municipality in 2012 supported by housing provident fund loans, with a building area of 0.26 million square meters and a total of 4042 sets of apartments. The investment of the project totaled 2.9 billion yuan, including 2 billion yuan worth of housing provident fund loans. The cumulative amount of loans lent out to the Xin Yue project by SPFMC since last year is 1.657 billion yuan, which has strongly supported the construction project.