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Shanghai Housing Provident Fund Website¡¯s Main Page Views Hit a Record High of 100 Million Person-Times

Shanghai Housing Provident Fund Website has gained rapidly increasing click-through rates ever since it won the honorary title of China’s excellent government website. Recently, accumulation of its main page views reached a record high of 100 million person- times with a daily average of over 60,000 person-times for the main page.

The website has been redesigned for more than ten times in recent years to attract more users to support and use Shanghai Housing Provident Fund Website. We mounted a concerted effort to conduct each redesign to preserve our traditional strengths and embody provident fund characteristics, created and developed a host of popular, influential and characteristic columns such as online consultation, web-based HP payment base adjustment, online service instructions, cyber appraisal of Top 100+ and Best Credit Companies, provident fund operation report, online survey and useful tools in line with streamlining of the main page and expansion of website channels.Moreover, a slew of online service channels have been established, such as online accounts retrieval, online grievance access, online loans, online unit-oriented provident fund servicing system, which comprehensively upgraded service function of the website and geared up for the popularity and influence of Shanghai Housing Provident Fund Website year by year. In 2012, the website won leading award for Chinese government website for 2012.