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SPF Website( Granted Leading Award for Chinese Government Website for 2012

SPF website(, after winning Excellent Award for Chinese government website for two consecutive years in 2010 and 2011, went a step further and was granted Leading Award for Chinese government website for 2012 (ranking 11 among the 24 “Leading Award” websites in Award Category 4, including provincial and municipal commissions, offices, departments and bureaus, and government affairs services websites), which was recently disclosed as a result of the appraisal jointly conducted by units such as China Information Technology Research and Promotion Website ( and Electronic Technology Information Research Institute of MIIT, on recommended excellent Chinese government websites and government affairs microblogs for 2012 and their comprehensive influence.

The appraisal was based on comprehensive influence index of the internet in tandem with comprehensive performance evaluation index, in a bid to comprehensively inspect construction and development of government websites in terms of website design, webpage layout, colour matching, site visits, user experience, search engine, information propagation and social consensus. The appraisal methods are comprised of software assessment, online application, online survey, self-recommendation, expert recommendation and comprehensive evaluation. A total of 99 websites nationwide won Leading Award for Chinese government websites, and 216 websites gained Excellent Award for Chinese government websites.

Please refer to for details about the profiled appraisal.