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Shanghai Trade Union, SPFMC and CCB Shanghai Branch Convened a Joint Meeting to Advance HPF Coverage Expansion

Shanghai Trade Union, SPFMC and China Construction Bank (abbreviated as CCB) Shanghai Branch convened a joint meeting on the afternoon of December 12 to advance HPF coverage expansion of Shanghai Municipality. Present at the meeting were relevant leaders and responsible persons of relevant departments of Shanghai Trade Union, SPFMC and CCB Shanghai Branch.

During the meeting, responsible persons of relevant departments of corresponding units exchanged their views on the status quo of this year’s HPF coverage expansion and prospects of next year.

At the meeting, Assistant Branch Manager of CCB Shanghai Branch proposed new aims and demands for HPF payment coverage expansion of next year. He expressed CCB’s confidence, capability and initiatives to fulfill the goals required by SPFMC, in spite of difficulties, and to realize leaping development of HPF services. Vice Chairman of Shanghai Trade Union Hou Jijun stressed on Shanghai Trade Union’s readiness to get down to continue performing the duties of the trade union next year, enhancing supervision and promoting HPF systems by making every effort to expand HPF payment coverage to let more people participate in HPF systems and effectively safeguard the rights and interests of employees. Deputy Director of SPFMC Li Chaoxing expressed his heartfelt thanks to the great support of Shanghai Trade Union and CCB Shanghai Branch, and stated that we had already made hard-won accomplishments in HPF payment coverage expansion in 2012, and that we should adequately realize the urgency of payment coverage expansion in face of new situation and tasks in 2013, and that we should be prepared to take new, prompt and effective measures to reach a higher stage of HPF payment coverage expansion next year, with our concerted and strenuous efforts, diligence and courage to shoulder greater responsibilities in the coming year.